2017 Student Research Day – Downloadable pdf files

Poster Session 1

1. Alissa Hopper, Irene Romero, Brooke Steinwascher
Identifying Comorbid Hearing Loss and Autism Spectrum Disorders in Children

2. Skye Dorsett, Marisa Marsteller, Melissa Simpson
Tele-audiology: Implications and Practitioners Perceptions

3. Emily Bragg, Cece Benitez, Amanda Coats
Effects of Respiratory Muscle Strength Training and Shaker Exercise on Swallow Function: A Systematic Review

4. Jenna Hall, Carolina Valder
Phonemic Errors and Phonetic Distortions after Left Hemisphere Stroke

5. Alex Stewart, Marissa Kobylas
A Systematic Review of the Efficacy of Phonics-Based Literacy Interventions for Children with Hearing Loss

6. Megan Frey, Jordan Potosky, Lisa Copeland
Systematic Review of Management of Children with ANSD

7. Sarah Griffin
Variability of Diagnostic Symptoms of ASD in Individuals with Fragile X Syndrome

8. Melanie Frost, Jasmine Wilson, Katharina Boyce
Cognitive Retraining Therapy and Tinnitus Retraining Therapy Outcomes: A Systematic Review

9. Taylor Petroski
Phonemic and Phonetic Errors in Conduction Aphasia

10. Samantha Baker, Shauna Dool, Emily Spitzer
Efficacy of school-based hearing conservation programs: A systematic review

11. Ruthy Xu, Laura Strenk
Interventions for Minimally Verbal School-Aged Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders: A Systematic Review

12. Michael Smith, Katarina Haley & Julie Wambaugh
Phonemic Error Analysis: Edit Distance Instead of Error Rate

13. Chad Shannon, Lena Wedeen
Systematic Review of Noninvasive Brain Stimulation In Language Rehabilitation

14. Margaret Richter
Subjective Outcomes after Cochlear Implantation in Cases of Unilateral Hearing Loss (not available on this site)

15. Evan Fischer, Adrienne Pearson
Bone-Anchored Hearing Aids on Speech-in-Noise and Localization Tasks in Children with Unilateral Hearing Loss: A Systematic Review

16. Lorraine Osborne, Meredith Anderson, Margaret Dillon
Influence of Stimulation Rate on Speech Perception in Older Adult Cochlear Implant Recipients (not available on this site)

Poster Session 2

1. Shakeia Burgin, Anna Zembo
A Systematic Literature Review of the Impact of Self-Regulation Intervention Strategies on Social Communication Outcomes

2. Megan Frey
Factors Affecting Successful Adoption of Connectivity Devices by Hearing Aid Users

3. Michael Smith, Matthew Suderman
A Summary of Peer-Reviewed Psychometric Evaluations of Assessments for Post-Stroke Aphasia

4. Tayler Simonds, Michelle Swanson, Ian Kim
Impact of Sleep on Speech and Language Outcomes Following Stroke

5. Jordan Jarrett
Word Repetition and Continuous Speech Analyses in Primary Progressive Aphasia
(not available on this site)

6. Caroline Traub, Ashley Gyori The Effects of Electronic Versus Print Books on the Language Outcomes of Early Readers

7. Michelle Fronzaglia, Lily Radack
A Systematic Review of Music Interventions for Dementia

8. Kelly Allison, Hollis Elmore, Kelsey Roy
A Systematic Review of The Impact of Hearing Aid Use on Depression in Adults

9. Karson Moore, Emma Gibbings
Influence of Hearing Aids on Speech and Language of Children with Mild Hearing Loss: A Systematic Review

10. Lisa Copeland
Hearing Loss and Comorbidities in Children with Cytomegalovirus (CMV)
(not available on this site)

11. Ginni Lam, Lisa Domby
A Task-Based Assessment of Academic English Pronunciation

12. Lorraine Osborne, Mariana Valverde, Caitlyn Whitson
Cochlear implantation in children under twelve months: A systematic review

13. Kelly Allison, Skye Dorsett, Marisa Marsteller, Melissa Simpson
Outpatient Re-screening of Newborn Infants Using ABR and OAE
(not available on this site)

14. Rebecca Sukhu, Kendra Thomas
Best Practice in Feeding for Children with Pierre Robin Sequence

15. Sam Lebold, Morgan McGowan, Kalie Mitchell
Does Kangaroo Mother Care have an impact on breastfeeding or oral feeding readiness measures in preterm infants? A systematic review

16. Abigail Messinger, Morgan Billinger, Tyler Dwyer
Language Outcomes in Bilingual Individuals with Dementia: A Systematic Review