2016 Student Research Day posters – downloadable pdfs

Kimberly Holden, Patricia Roush – Challenges in Early Management of Children with ANSD: Analysis of the Timeline from Diagnosis to Intervention

Jesse Palmer – Cross-Cultural Variation in Objective Measures of Voice: A Systematic Review

Bridget Carlile, Brian Martin – Deep Brain Stimulation: Systematic Review of Parameters for Speech and Swallowing in Patients With Parkinson’s Disease

Sarah Webster, Lucia Quinonez Sumner, Jackson Roush – Development of an EHDI Resource Guide for Spanish-Speaking Families in North Carolina

Heather Lam – Early Turner Syndrome Feeding Experiences

Joe Hall, Jessica Mitchell – The Effectiveness of Melodic Intonation Therapy in Treating Adults with Chronic Aphasia

Sarah Griffin, Ginni Lam, Alexandra Rodriguez – Effects of Social Interventions on Vocational Outcomes of Adults with Autism: A Systematic Review

Amy Munekata, Kevin, Yu, Thomas Christensen – The Efficacy of Monolingual and Bilingual Treatments on Bilinguals with Aphasia

Taylor Bryant, Heather Shelton – Empowering Primary Caregivers to Employ Dialogic Reading Techniques: A Systematic Review of Dialogic Reading Interventions When Implemented by Primary Caregivers, Teachers, and Clinicians

Michael Smith – Exploring Narrow Phonetic Transcription Training and Protocol

Heather Mazzola, Shauntelle Cannon – Factors That Determine Hearing Aid Adoption and Non Adoption: A Systematic Review

Mary Beth Bardin, Natalie Fitzgerald, Blair Schwab – Frenotomy and Breastfeeding Outcomes in Infants with Ankyloglossia

Alison Burke, Julia Shearer, Sarah Webster – Interventions for Speech Perception in Noise in Children with Single-Sided Deafness: A Systematic Review

Katharina Burton, Meredith L. Anderson, Margaret T. Dillon – Localization Abilities of Cochlear Implant Recipients in Cases of Single-Sided Deafness

Morgan McGowan, Jordan Jarrett, Katarina Haley – Narrow Phonetic Transcription of Voicing Ambiguity in Stroke Survivors

Emily Spitzer, Heather Porter, Emily Buss – Non-simultaneous Masking of Speech in Noise: Normal-Hearing Children and Adults

Connelly Crowe, Kelsie Mitchell, Nancy Vallejo – Outcomes for Caregivers of Post-Stroke Individuals with Aphasia vs. without Aphasia: A Systematic Review

Lauren Johnson, Connor Haring, Kimberly Holden, Heather Mazzola, Dani Warmund, Sarah Webster, Marcia Fort, Jackson Roush – Regional Analysis of EHDI Outcomes in North Carolina

Alex Hamel, Taylor Petroski, Katarina – Reliability Improvements for Phonetic Transcription of Lengthening

Leah Baumgart, Cally Orme, Megan Przybyla – Right on Cue: A Systematic Review of Cue-Based Feeding in the NICU

Michelle Hicks, Kimberly Holden, Dani Warmund – The Role of A1555G in Aminoglycoside-Induced Ototoxicity: A Systematic Review

Nicole Corbin, Emily Buss, Angela Yarnell Bonino, Lori Leibold – Spatial Release from Masking: Effects of Simulated Unilateral Hearing Loss

Heather Mazzola, William Hoole – Special Olympics Healthy Hearing: Screening Outcomes in Seven Southeastern States

Lauren Owczarzak, Nicole Steyl – Speech-Language Tasks Administered Based on Cortical Location Stimulated During an Awake Craniotomy

Alison Dey, Sarah Plascyk, Emily Rodgers – A Systematic Review of Treatment Approaches for Childhood Apraxia of Speech

Conner Haring, Lauren Johnson, Maggie Zenkel – Theory of Mind in Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children: A Systematic Review

Chrislain Bofill, Caley Edlington – Which DBS Site has the Most Significant Speech Outcomes on Patients with PD: A Systematic Review


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